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The basic product of company - secondary aluminium alloys in ingots, made according to GOST 1583-93 and main international standards.

Aviavtorresurs LLC produces a wide range of secondary aluminum alloys:
  • 12, 12, 122, 12, 122
  • 7, 7, 9, 92, 57, AK8, AK83, 52, AK5M2
  • 5,0
  • A3-7,
  • DIN226, ADC12.
The production of secondary aluminum alloys is achieved in the melting complexes on the base of the reverberatory furnaces with a volume of 3 tn. .

We consider the needs of customers,it is possible to produce aluminium alloys with the narrower boundaries by the chemical composition, than in standards.

The laboratory of company is certified by the ministry of industry, science and technology of Russian Federation of the department of metallurgy and is accredited by the Federal agency on the metrology and the standardization
AA25 Mar 15:042100+13.33%
Al25 Mar 15:042303+12.41%
Cu25 Mar 15:047819+17.58%
Ni25 Mar 15:0422474+10.85%
Pb25 Mar 15:042050+9.26%
Sn25 Mar 15:0417590+15.29%
Zn25 Mar 15:042463+17.78%
USD13 Dec0.00 rub
EURO13 Dec0.00 rub
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