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We constantly buy the scrap of aluminum, aircraft engines, aircraft scrap, scrap of nickelicontaining metals, titanium,stainless steel, copper. Aviavtorresurs LLC participates in the program of the government of Moscow region № 523/31 from 24.08.2004 on the utilization of aviation equipment. We have large experience in the work of utilization of airliners and aircraft engines of different types.

Aviavtorresurs LLC has the highly skilled specialists, who carry out works on utilization of aviation engineering both on the territory of its production base and on the territory of customer.
AA25 Mar 15:042100+13.33%
Al25 Mar 15:042303+12.41%
Cu25 Mar 15:047819+17.58%
Ni25 Mar 15:0422474+10.85%
Pb25 Mar 15:042050+9.26%
Sn25 Mar 15:0417590+15.29%
Zn25 Mar 15:042463+17.78%
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EURO13 Dec0.00 rub
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