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Aviavtorresurs LLC carries out the closed cycle of utilization process. We utilize aircrafts, aero-engines, agregates and space devices.

We have all necessary licenses and documentation to carry out this kind of works.
The working-out of aviation utilization takes place in the airports Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Bykovo.

The closed cycle of works on the utilization provides for the following:
  • the preparation of object for the working-out;
  • the process of cutting;
  • the removal of scraps and wastes;
  • the preparation of the scraps of metallic alloys for the remelting;
  • melting scraps with obtaining of the certified alloys for further use in the industry of Russian Federation.
AA25 Mar 15:042100+13.33%
Al25 Mar 15:042303+12.41%
Cu25 Mar 15:047819+17.58%
Ni25 Mar 15:0422474+10.85%
Pb25 Mar 15:042050+9.26%
Sn25 Mar 15:0417590+15.29%
Zn25 Mar 15:042463+17.78%
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